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Occupy...North Pole! Pricey Private School's 'Christmas' Play Skewers Big Oil, Corporate Greed

Occupy...North Pole! Pricey Private School's 'Christmas' Play Skewers Big Oil, Corporate Greed

If you assumed the "Occupy" movement finally reached its geographical (and outdoor-temperature) limits, you obviously haven't been hanging out with ol' Saint Nick for the past few months.

Seems Santa got canned. That's right...Father Christmas fell victim to a hostile takeover by greedy oil financiers who discovered a potential bubblin' crude nirvana beneath his fabled workshop.

Worse yet, his beloved elves were outsourced...and now Big Brother is assuming the duties of checking Santa's list...and...

Okay, better to simply lend an ear to the dramatic narration of Barbara Kibler (see video below)—a dance and religion instructor at George School, a tony Quaker boarding/day school about a half hour north of Philadelphia—who came up with the decidedly left-leaning theme for this year's Holiday Dance Performance:

Initially all was rosy up north, Kibler told the gathered crowd on Friday...

Santa had a wonderful workshop in the North Pole called "Santa & Friends: We Make Toys with Love." They made toys and sweets for children around the world. It didn't matter what the race, ethnicity, or religion the child was, the shop was there for all.

Then evil capitalists plowed in (their acronym in the play, in fact, is GREED), giving everyone from Ebeneezer Scrooge to Burgermeister Meisterburger a run for their cold hard cash...

The shop was sitting on a potential oil field...using eminent domain laws, Santa's workshop was closed. The elves' work was outsourced, and the elves lost their jobs. A multinational conglomerate took over the shop and the making and distribution of the toys and instituted strict rules for visits. An independent consulting firm was hired to do background checks on children in order to determine who was naughty or nice.

But fortunately for youngsters barely able to catch a wink on Christmas Eveand who would have otherwise found lumps of coal in their carefully hung stockings—the good folks with the Occupy movement caught wind of the greed afoot at the top of the world...

But little did Santa know that far and beyond, a steady drumbeat—yes, a movement—was swelling, and the masses were organizing, and the dispossessed were finding their strength and their voices and their power to declare, "We are one, and we're not gonna take this anymore!" Occupy North Pole was born.


The performance aimed to “get everyone in the spirit of Christmas,” said Shelly Chipimo, class of 2013—a boarding student from Pretoria, South Africa—by creating “a story centered on a Christmas tradition.”

Of the show's "current events" focus, Kibler said that “we all need to be politically and socially aware...we have to step up and help each other.”

With students tapping their parents' bank accounts to the tune of $31,780 to $45, 710 annually to attend the Newtown, Pa., institution, it's a bit of a stretch to imagine anyone on stage or in the audience relating on a practical level to what's motivating the OWS army...but it's always nice to be aware.

(h/t: Gateway Pundit, Missouri Education Watchdog)

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