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Jon Huntsman Reacts to Kind Words From Bill Clinton: 'He Did His Due Diligence


Within the last several months, the presidential campaign of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has moved away from portraying himself as a moderate and making snarky comments about rival candidates, to putting all the focus on his record and economic plan which are both extremely conservative. During Bill Clinton's interview on the O'Reilly factor Tuesday, he would not give an endorse of either of the current GOP front runners, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, but did have some nice words for Huntsman. Huntsman addressed the comments, as well as the direction of his campaign during an interview on Fox News Wednesday:

"He [Clinton] did his due diligence. He looked at my record. He found that I have been consistent on life, I’ve been consistent on the second amendment. I delivered the largest tax cut in the history of my state, health care reform without a mandate … the president actually looked into it and found that I am the consistent conservative."

Huntsman is relying on New Hampshire voters to focus on his record as well.  The ex-governor and ambassador to China has put the majority of his resources into the Granite State where he polls better than in national estimates, but still ranks fourth.

“We are working that state like nobody else. This is a state that wants you to earn it. They don’t want to be told for whom to vote. They love an underdog to come from behind. They are buying the message that I have to offer and it’s from my heart and soul. And it’s about an economic deficit and it’s about a trust deficit.”

Do you think praise from Bill Clinton will be a gift, or a curse for the Huntsman campaign?

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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