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Family Captures Deer Terrorizing Their Home on Christmas Eve


"Then all of a sudden, I heard hooves — and antlers."

Imagine putting your kids to bed and hearing a ruckus at the other end of your house. Some of you might reach for your phone to call the police, others might also reach for their gun to go investigate. Imagine, then, turning the corner to find this fella staring you in the face:

That's what happened to the Keller family of Salt Lake City, UT on Christmas Eve. The Desert News reports:

Marla Keller was putting the kids to bed when there arose such a clatter. The family thinks the deer apparently tripped and fell into a deep basement window well.

"I heard crashing, I heard the window go," she said. "I looked down through the big window behind the Christmas tree, and couldn't see anything. Then all of a sudden, I heard hooves — and antlers."

The deer apparently struggled in the master bedroom for a while, trampling over some furniture and running into a doorway. The room he ended up in was the one place where the family was keeping most of their Christmas presents.

At first, Casey Keller said the family thought the buck was just trapped in the window well.

"My husband came in and ran downstairs and opened the door, and then shut it really fast, and started screaming," Marla recalled.

The family even snapped pictures with the animal, which appears to be a mule deer:

ABC7 in Salt Lake City has video of the incident:

But just in case you thought the story couldn't get any weirder, it does. The father, Casey, told the paper that later the same night, another deer jumped in front of his car and he ended up bumping that deer.

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