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Want to Know What You Need to Survive a Violent Citizens Revolution? Anonymous Has a Guide


"Do not switch off your brain."

This past year has seen its fair share of citizen protests and revolutions. In response, the hacker group Anonymous has released a guide to help citizens survive the "bloody mess" that rioters and those seeking to avoid violent protests could encounter.

The guide, Anonymous: Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution, is "for citizens who feel they are about to be caught up in a violet uprising or revolution to overthrow the oppressive government of their country." The guide details how to sense the first signs of revolution, how to prepare oneself, how to handle situations such as rape or robbery, and how to be as safe as possible when confrontations are unavoidable, among other things.

The top advice the group has for citizens? "Don't panic:"

  • Don’t panic, stay cool headed.
  • Take a break and rest if your body needs to relax, lack of sleep is a major weakening factor.
  • Avoid consuming mind altering substances like alcohol and drugs. They will cloud your judgement and ability to think and act rationally. You are also arming the re- gime with propaganda that the crowd is made up of a bunch of intoxicated rioters. Don’t allow your movement to be portrayed in an unfavorable light.

Anonymous calls the 15-page guide a "snapshot" that will be constantly reworked and updated as necessary:

The guide is far from being complete and is no panacea, so DO NOT SWITCH OFF YOUR BRAIN.

The guide was released just before the group announced its hack of emails and credit card information and threatened week-long assault against the U.S. security think tank Stratfor.

The guide does advise in bold print that people "not try to fight men who have guns or any weapons" but talks about how to stage protests against "violent opponents."

In some final marks, the guide states: "And whatever happens: Stay together and watch out for zombies."

[H/T Zero Hedge]

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