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Dick Morris Calls Ron Paul 'The Most Liberal, Radical Left-Wing Person to Run for President


"This guy is no conservative."

If you ever get the chance to ask regular Fox commentator (and former Democratic strategist) Dick Morris what he thinks about Ron Paul, make sure you have a camera or a microphone close. That's because after what he said last night (and in the past) about Paul on "The O'Reilly Factor," he's likely to give you quite a quote.

Morris didn't hold back at all when fill-in host Eric Bolling asked him about the presidential candidate.

After calling Ron Paul's rise in the polls recently "horrible," he let loose: "I think that he is absolutely the most liberal, radical left-wing person to run for president in the United States in the last 50 years."

He then noted all the ways in which Paul is more liberal than Barack Obama, including saying "we caused 9/11" and wanting to "dismantle the military."

"This guy is no conservative. This guy is a ultra, ultra left-wing radical," he concluded.

You can listen to it all below:

By the way, Morris has never been a huge fan of Ron Paul.

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