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Tis the Season: December Saw Highest Monthly Gun Sales On Record


Santa's bag must hold lots of firearms.

Americans received plenty of guns and ammo in their stockings this past Christmas season as gun sales were the highest ever on record for a single month.

In fact, the gun buying ramped up just before Christmas, as 102,222 background checks were conducted on December 23rd, making it the second busiest single day of firearms purchases ever.

Despite already breaking records, the data doesn't even reflect the total number of possible guns sold, as in many cases, individual buyers could have gone home with multiple firearms.

All of this has sparked a lively discussion in the media and blogosphere about the reason for the surge in American gun sales.

Some suggest that the gun purchases are a reflection of crime concerns as police layoffs gather steam and the economy continues to be poor.

Others believe that tighter firearms controls could be on the way and thus felt a sense of urgency to purchase legal guns while it is still possible.

Dave LaRue, of Legendary Guns in Phoenix, Arizona, told the Telegraph that:

"There are a lot of people concerned about pending gun legislation and the sense about the current administration. People think future availability will be limited and there's a feeling of get it while you can."

LaRue also said Christmas sales were up 25 per cent on the previous year and ammunition sales were also "brisk."Rumors circulating the web of a major ammunition shortage seem to be overblown, as some gun bloggers believe the market is in flux due to competition, not a dearth of production capacity.

In any event, it looks like there are many happy gun enthusiasts across the country who got just want they wanted on their Christmas lists.

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

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