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Chris Matthews: If I Were Voting in NH, 'I'd Vote for Huntsman


"I’m an American dammit, I’m not one of these stupid ideologues."

On Tuesday's "Morning Joe," MSNBC host Chris Matthews admitted who he would vote for if he were participating in the NH GOP primary. It's not Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum, it's former Ambassador Jon Huntsman. The statement may be shocking to some. But maybe not for the reason you think.

Here's the transcript and video via Newsbusters:

If this state picks Huntsman tonight in second place, strong second place, which is really first place because he’s beating a regional guy, it will be a statement of New Hampshire is still alive. If I were voting here I’d vote for Huntsman because he’s American. He’s a kind of a guy who says, “I’m an American dammit, I’m not one of these stupid ideologues. And I really think, and I’m not a phony.” He is what he is.

Some might find it interesting that a news host would come out and admit who he would vote for, as it blurs the line of impartiality. But Newsbusters writer Noel Sheppard took a slightly different take. For him, the admission was more than just blurring impartiality, but it also showed that the liberal Matthews is trying to sway the election by endorsing who he (Sheppard) thinks is an unelectable candidate:

Yes, Jon Huntsman is what he is, and so is Chris Matthews: a liberal media member that is willing to do anything to get Barack Obama reelected including endorsing - on live television no less! - Republicans that have no chance of winning.

Alas, this is the state of journalism in America today.

Just imagine what these folks will do once an actual nominee has been chosen.

Heaven help us.

If Matthews was trying to prop up a long-shot candidate, the move would be bold considering where Huntsman stands in the polls. For example, in South Carolina, he's losing to comedian Stephen Colbert.

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