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Meghan McCain: Ronald Reagan 'Would Be Called a Dirty Moderate Like Me'


Meghan McCain, MSNBC's newest contributor with a growing laundry list of outlandish comments to her credit, appeared as on Wednesday's Tonight Show. During the broadcast, the quirky McCain compared herself to conservative icon President Ronald Reagan, asserting that if he were in the presidential race today, “he would be called a dirty moderate like me, unfortunately.”

McCain, who identifies herself as a "big proponent" of same-sex marriage, said that her views have isolated her in Republican circles.

"People don’t think I’m Republican enough because I’m a big advocate of marriage equality in this country. But I’m very proud to do it. My mother joined me. You know, I just —it’s one of the reasons why I love being in politics. I just think this is my generation’s civil rights issue.”

Below is the NBC clip of McCain's latest bombshell, courtesy of Mediaite:

“I don’t understand! Republicans, you know, can be very hypocritical when you say you’re a strict constitutionalist, and then you’re against — you want to regulate people getting married. I mean, I just don’t understand it.”

(h/t: DC)

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