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Cross-Dressing Scottish Teen Will Return to Class After He Says School Expelled Him for Dressing Like a Girl


"I can return to school and be myself."

A 17-year-old Scottish boy will return to class after he says school officials kicked him out for dressing like a girl.

Jamie Love told Scotland's Daily Record school officials said he could come back after fellow students rallied on his behalf.

“This is great news. It is a major victory for me and all the other kids who are confused about their sexuality," Love told the newspaper. "I’m delighted I can return to school and be myself. It means everything to me."

Love, who prefers to go by the girl's name Keirny, told the Record he was humiliated after he came to school in tights, shorts, hair extensions and make-up, only to be told to leave.

He said he'd been talking to his teachers for months about how he felt trapped in a boy's body and told them in advance that he would be coming to school dressed as a girl.

"When went into the class, everything was fine and then the teacher came and got me and then took me into the school and asked me what I was trying to do to the school. Then they said: 'You shouldn't be dressed like that,'" Love said in an interview with Scotland's STV News. "Then two deputies came in and said my time at Govan High was over and then I got my stuff and had to leave. I asked if I could come back as a boy and they said no."

Despite Love's claims that it was his clothing that got him kicked out, the school insists his choice of dress wasn't the problem -- it was because he wasn't committed to his education, according to the Record.

“We welcome Jamie’s assurances to commit to his education. We would encourage him and his family to come to the school to discuss arrangements for his return," a school official told the newspaper. “Jamie’s choice of clothing has never been an issue … so he can come to school dressed as a girl if he wants to....However, it’s important that we put measures in place to accommodate this decision and the school would like to meet him and his mother.”

Love's mother Alison supports him and was in tears when she told the Record how happy she was that he could go back to school: “That is wonderful news. You don’t know how much this means to us."

Love admitted to having some behavioral problems and being disruptive in class, but said it was because of his confusion over his sexuality.

“This is a second chance for me and I won’t mess it up," he said. “I am happy they have finally accepted me for who I am."

(h/t Huffington Post)

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