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HuffPo Twitter Hacked? Anti-Gay and Racist Tweets Come from Site's Official Account


Followers of the Huffington Post's official Twitter feed may have notice some surprising tweets Sunday afternoon.

At some point between tweets linking to pieces on the Golden Globes to others on famous Martin Luther King Jr. quotes and speeches, a hacker posing as the New York Post got a hold of the Huffing Post's Twitter handle, unloading a stream of odd and offensive comments.

Administrators of the Twitter account followed by over 1.4 million soon realized the hacking, deleting the offensive tweets followed by an explanation of the odd comments:

The feed was soon churning out its usual tweets linking back to Huffington Post stories as if nothing had happened.

BuzzFeed notes that the Huffington Post hacker went by "cloverfdch," who appears to have been the same hacker that showed up on Democratic Alaska Senator Mark Begich's Twitter account on New Year's Eve.

In addition to the Huffington Post hacking that was taking place on Sunday, someone other than Ashton Kutcher was manning his famed @aplusk Twitter account. Kutcher's Foursquare account was aslo hacked, leading the former That 70s Show star to boast that he now has the hacker's address and appears determined to find the cyber troublemaker:


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