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Romney Reaffirms DREAM Act Promise, Tells Illegals to 'Get in Line' With Those Applying for Citizenship Legally


He vowed to secure U.S. borders.

GOP front-runner Mitt Romney defended his stance on immigration during Monday night’s GOP debate, asserting that while he is strongly in favor of legal immigration others who are here illegally must return home, apply for citizenship through the proper channels and "wait in line" like others who are currently going through the long, legal immigration process.

The former Massachusetts governor adamantly reaffirmed his vow that, if elected, he would not sign the controversial DREAM Act.

The topic came up when Fox News contributor and debate moderator Juan Williams asked Romney if his immigration stance could hurt him with Latino voters.

Watch Romney break down his views on legal vs. illegal immigration to the audibly approving crowd. Huffington Post brings us the video:

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