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Gingrich done discussing ex-wife interview for now


Reporters can stop asking Newt Gingrich about the interview his ex-wife gave to ABC News. At a news conference in South Carolina on Thursday, he said he's done talking about it.

From The Hill:

“It’s an issue I confront every time it comes up, and I confront it exactly the same way it comes up — and the people seem to be satisfied by it,” Gingrich said when asked by a reporter if he thought he needed to further address the matter.

Reporters tried to ask Gingrich more specifically about his ex-wife’s charges, but he refused to answer.

“I just answered you — that’s my answer,” he responded testily before trying to move on to the endorsement his campaign received Thursday from Rick Perry, who bowed out of the race.

Wait, Rick Perry dropped out of the race today? Who knew.

Also, What the odds are that Gingrich won't be asked about the interview during tonight's CNN debate. Probably not good. The interview is also scheduled to air tonight.

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