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Klimas can't (and won't try) to do a backflip

Klimas can't (and won't try) to do a backflip

Times are hard and any kind of money can help. THE BLAZE's science and technology editor Liz Klimas posted a video this morning of Syracuse student Sam Morrison who did one back flip a day for $100 as part of a bet with his dad. Watch the video here.

Klimas told me it's not a bet she'd do personally, mostly because she can't actually do a backflip. "I can't even do a cartwheel. Ever," she said. "I've tried, people have tried to coach me in my younger years...nothing. I can't even do a back dive into a pool -- it's a back flop."

Poor Liz.

She blames her lack of acrobatic skill on her height. "What it comes down to is the jump, I think. You have to jump high enough to give yourself enough room to launch backward. I don't have much jump for being tall for a girl," she said. Klimas says she's 5'8".

I asked if she'd at least try to do a backflip every day for a year for $100. She said no because her "hospital bills would far exceed" $100 after she lands on her face. Darn.

DISCLAIMER: As a full-time editor for THE BLAZE, Liz does have health insurance. But it's probably not a good idea she try backflipping anyway. We try to promote a safe working environment.

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