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Backflip, Gainer, Wallflip': This Time-Lapsed Viral Video Won Student $100 Bet Against Dad


"He might be giving it to me as $100 worth of pennies. Hopefully it will be at least in ones..."

When your dad bets you that you can't do something, chances are you're going to darn well try to prove him wrong. This was the case for Sam Morrison, a junior at Syracuse University.

The bet: Do a backflip every day for a year.

The stakes: $100

The proof that he did it: this video:

Morrison's "backflip, gainer, wallflip, etc." antics earned him campus notoriety. The Post-Standard has more on Morrison's bet:

When he completes the task today, “he’s going to give me $100. He might be giving it to me as $100 worth of pennies. Hopefully it will be at least in ones, that will be manageable,” Morrison said this afternoon by telephone from his family’s home in Sparta, New Jersey.


On the website, you’ll find the first flip dated Jan. 1, 2011, on a moving sidewalk in JFK International Airport as the family was leaving for a Caribbean vacation.

Others took place in the snow around SU’s buildings, or in his Syracuse apartment. There's the Vegas flip. The tennis match flip.The one at his sister’s graduation. There are ones into a watery gorge in Ithaca, and against a tree where the ground bursts into flames.

And there’s the holiday one, where a naked Morrison dressed only in tube socks with a Santa hat hiding his privates flips in a meadow.

The bet wasn’t so much about his ability to do a backflip, Morrison said. It tested his willingness to complete the four-second task, day in and day out, he said.

“Some days I didn’t feel like getting up to do it,” Morrison said.

Morrison states in the description on his YouTube post that he is hoping his next stunt could be "a backflip on EVERY continent, starting with North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia this summer". If you watched the video to the end, you saw, he got his winnings in dollars.

The Post-Standard reports Morrison plans to graduate in 2013.

Find more Morrison's website.

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