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Seidl glad to see Romney 'finally getting more fiery


THE BLAZE's front page editor Jon Seidl missed Thursday night's Republican presidential debate. "Since there are 30 million [debates], I have to pick and choose," Seidl told me. WUSS! Kidding, who could blame him?

He said he caught up with the highlights by reading coverage of the event online and watching Fox News Friday morning. All in all, he said the debate, the last before the Florida primary, went well for Mitt Romney and was kind of a bust for Newt Gingrich.

"It was great to see Romney finally getting more fiery," Seidl said. "He's finally started to wade in the waters of the primaries, and his rising numbers are starting to show that people like that." Real Clear Politics has Romney averaging in first place at 37 percent in the polls. Gingrich, who Seidl described as "a little lost" in the debate, is averaging at 32 percent.

Seidl said Gingrich's problem in the debate was that while the audience wasn't dead silent this time (as opposed to the last debate), it didn't "respond to him as well" as in the past.

Read the transcript of our LIVE CHAT during last night's debate, featuring our readers and BLAZE writers Buck Sexton, Chris Santarelli, and me along with Editor-in-Chief Scott Baker.

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