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Joe Biden explains why he should NEVER be president (or VP for that matter)


Alternate headline: "Joe Biden: On the wrong side of every foreign policy question of the last 35 years"

In a story headlined "Joe Biden Advised Against the Osama Bin Laden Raid," ABC News reports this today:

Vice President Joe Biden confessed this weekend that he advised President Obama not to launch the mission that ultimately killed Osama bin Laden last spring.

During remarks at a Democratic congressional retreat this weekend, Biden explained that when it came time to make the final decision, he had some lingering uncertainties about whether the 9/11 mastermind was in the suspected compound in Pakistan.

"[President Obama] got to me. He said, 'Joe, what do you think?' ... I said, 'We owe the man a direct answer. Mr. President, my suggestion is, don't go."

So, on the one major decision that President Obama has gotten right, Biden was wrong even on that -- much like, um, all of his stances on major foreign policy questions.

Funny -- until you consider he's next in line for the presidency.

h/t: Jake Tapper

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