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Megyn Kelly Guest Blasts 'Black Mafia' Over Jan Brewer 'Racist' Finger-Wagging Charges


Would she or any governor approach a president in that manner if he was a white man?”

The photo that captured a tense moment in time for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and President Obama has been generating controversy ever since its release.

Now, there's a new charge being leveled against Brewer as some members of the African American community -- who "America Live" guest David Webb labeled as the "Black Mafia" -- are labeling Brewer’s finger-wagging gesture as “racist.” These "mafia" members, according to Webb, include Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and radio host Joe Madison.

Last week Madison, in reference to the Brewer-Obama incident, said, “There’s some people, not all, in this country who cannot stand the fact that this is an African American, who is now one of the most powerful individuals on the planet.”

To debate these charges, Jehmu Greene joined Webb and Megyn Kelly.

For his part, Webb sharply criticized those who invoke the "racist" epithet, “Did Jan Brewer’s finger,” he asked, “have the N-word written on it? Maybe that would’ve made it racist. Or is this a case where the President and his acolytes need to call out the ‘Black Mafia’ — which is what they are — to turn it into racism?”

Greene, on the other hand said that “at the end of the day, Governor Jan Brewer is not a racist. I think that she, as well as the overwhelming majority of Americans, has egalitarian beliefs. She wants and believes that everyone in this country is equal, but the reality is we live in a country, we live in a world, where there is bias that we have that is subconscious.”

Greene conceded that a charge of racism might be going too far, but posited that people are missing the bigger issue, which is what he considers Brewer's display of disrespect for the president. “Would she or any governor approach a president in that manner if he was a white man?” Greene asked.

Webb acknowledged that it’s impolite to point but said, “Is this a case where the president and his acolytes need to call out the ‘black mafia,’ which is what they are, to turn it into racism?”

He added that the "black mafia" would be better served investigating other incidents of racism such as the ones coming out of the Occupy movement.

Watch the heated debate below via Fox News:

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