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Study Says Women Better at Parking Than Men: Let the Discussion Begin


"The facts don’t lie.”

There is often much finger pointing between the sexes when it comes to driving and parking skills. Someone edging a few inches over the parking line into your spot? Chances are that it wasn't a woman who parked that car -- at least according to one study.

MSNBC states that a month-long study in the United Kingdom evaluated the technique, accuracy and time taken to park by 2,500 drivers. Although it may have taken women longer to park, overall they did a better job. Watch MSNBC's report:

Not only did the report find several differences in performance between males and females when they parked, but it also noted some interesting observations when it came to perception about parking jobs. Men overestimated the time they took to park themselves by nearly double, but more than 75 percent of males questioned tacked on an extra 20 seconds to the time they felt it took women to park.

“I was quite surprised by the results, because in my experience men have always been the best learners and usually performed better in lessons," Neil Beeson, senior driving instructor from ITV’s ‘Last Chance Driving School’ documentary, said in the report. “However, it’s possible that women have retained the information better. The results also appear to dispel the myth that men have better spatial awareness than women.

"What the ‘NCP Parking Report’ shows is that us men need to give our partners more respect when it comes to parking. The facts don’t lie.”

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