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See the Video of Mitt Romney Getting Glitter-Bombed Twice at a Campaign Stop


"The 1% pays for hate"


From the Associated Press:

Gay rights protesters in Minnesota threw glitter at Romney before he took the stage, making him the latest candidate to be "glittered" by activists opposed to his position on gay rights. Romney, who opposes gay marriage, put a positive spin on the sparkle in his hair.

"This is confetti! We just won Florida," he said as he took the stage.

From the video:

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was glitter bombed not once, but twice at a Minnesota campaign stop by two members of Occupy Minneapolis and the LGBT rights group the Glitterati.

Nick Espinosa and Sam Richards yelled "Feel the rainbow" and "the 1% pays for hate, you're not welcome in our state!" as they showered Romney in rainbow colored glitter as he walked up to the stage, and again as he shook hands on his way out.

Romney completed the speech with a formidable amount of glitter sparkling in his hair and another Occupy Minneapolis member, Sam Richards added a second salvo of glitter just after Romney concluded his speech.

Here's the video:

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