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Anonymous Hacks Law Firm That Defended Marine in Iraqi Killing Case


"...contents of these email messages include detailed records, transcripts, testimony, trial evidence..."

Adding to its most recent stint of revenge on organizations like the FBI and the Boston Police Department, the hacker collective Anonymous has infiltrated the website of a law firm that defended a U.S. Marine who killed 24 Iraqi citizens in 2005.

Gizmodo reports that seven years ago, then Sergeant Frank Wuterich along with other Marines killed two dozen in Haditha, Iraq, in retaliation for an IED strike. Wuterich admitted to the killings and last week was charged with "negligent dereliction of duty" but did not receive any jail time or other punishment.

Now, Anonymous is fighting what it believe is an injustice by attacking Puckett & Faraj, the firm that defended Wuterich. The firm's website is currently dysfunctional and Anonymous threatens having a host of private information that it will be releasing.

Here's what Anonymous wrote (via Gizmod0):

We went ahead and fired off some shots of our own -- at the servers and personal email accounts of Puckett & Faraj. We defaced their website and dumped nearly 3GB of private email messages belonging to Neal Puckett and Haytham Faraj. The contents of these email messages include detailed records, transcripts, testimony, trial evidence, and legal defense donation records pertaining to not only Frank Wuterich but also many other marines they have represented.

And to add a few layers of icing to this delicious caek, we got the usual boatloads of embarrassing personal information. How do you think the world will react when they find out Neal Puckett and his marine buddies have been making crude jokes about the incident where marines have been caught on video pissing on dead bodies in Afghanistan? Or that he regularly corresponds with and receives funding from former marine Don Greenlaw who runs the racist blog http://snooper.wordpress.com? We believe it is time to release all of their private information and court evidence to the world and conduct a People's trial of our own.

Gizmodo reports that a source within the hacker collective told them that all the attacks today (Related: Read about how Anonymous hacked into the FBI's conference call) are coordinated but have their own "particular motivations." Anonymous has also reportedly attacked the Texas Police Association's website, Salt Lake City police and Greece's justice ministry.

Gizmodo also states that when they called Puckett & Faraj, the firm didn't known it had been hacked yet.

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