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Conservatives Only' Dating Site Ramps Up for a 'Lib-Free' Valentine's Day



An online dating site promising a "Lib Free" dating pool is ramping up just in time for Valentine's Day and promises users a diverse mix of conservative mates who don't fall into the stereotype of "stodgy, over the hill people."

ConservativesOnly.com, which, as you may have guessed from the name, is for "conservatives only," says its membership comprises "people from all walks of life, from all ethnic backgrounds, age groups and sexual orientation who adhere to the same philosophy" and all of whom find liberalism a "Dating Deal Breaker."

The site features images of the words: "Feminazis," "Marxists," "Socialists," "Communists" among other monikers with red strikethroughs.

"Over the last few months we noticed a shift in the Conservative demographic as our membership grows to include a diverse cross section of people looking for love and compatibility," said founder Craig Knight in an official press release. "It's interesting to watch as the face of Conservatives evolve into a movement that embraces all people and of course allows us to provide more choices for our members. Conservatives marry for the long haul and we provide a safe forum for them to find a lifelong partner."

Citing an independent poll that reveals more and more conservatives are focused on finding a partner who shares the same political and world view, the site promises a "Lib-Free" dating pool.

According to the release, Knight founded ConservativesOnly.com when faced with the challenges of finding conservative prospects on mainstream dating sites. "I was tired of wasting my time with undesirable Liberal dating options," said Knight. "Our online dating site streamlines the process so that you can connect with other conservatives right away."

ConservativesOnly.com says it hopes to encourage new members by offering free membership just in time for Valentine's Day. It might not be a bad idea, especially given that there are few longtime success stories like Carville and Matalin in the world.



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