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No Fa**ots in Jack City': Alleged Atlanta Street Gang Records Savage Hate Crime


"One of the attackers...even strikes the victim in the head with a tire."

Editor's note: this story contains graphic images and language. We have obscured some of it, but not all. There are some quotes and video that contain highly offensive language.

Alleged members of an Atlanta street gang were filmed savagely beating a man who they refer to as a "fa**ot." The 30-second clip, posted yesterday to the Worldstar Hip Hop website, was reportedly taken outside a grocery store in the "Pittsburgh" neighborhood of Atlanta.

According the Smoking Gun (SG), Pittsburgh is a popular congregation point for the Jack City Gang (PBJC).

After Atlanta police were made aware of the incident and provided with a link to the disturbing video, police spokesperson told Smoking Gun that the clip had been forwarded to the department’s gang division as well as the unit that investigates LGBT-related hate crimes within the community.

Officer Kim Jones told Smoking Gun that she was also investigating whether a police report was filed over the assault.

Below is the chilling footage (content warning):

Smoking Gun describes the scene:

As seen above, the video opens with an unseen cameraman and a second man outside the grocery store. The second man announces, “Round one. Jack City. No faggots.” Then, after a diminutive man exits the grocery, an assailant approaches him from behind and delivers a brutal punch to the side of the victim’s head. The man’s cell phone flies from his hand and he crumples to the ground.

The victim is then set upon by three men who punch and stomp him while he tries to cover his head. One of the attackers--who is wearing a shirt with “Jack Gang” imprinted on the back -- even strikes the victim in the head with a tire.

As the man is beaten, the giggling cameraman announces, four times, “No faggots in Jack City.” An onlooker can be heard saying, “No faggot, man.” The video ends after one assailant picks up the victim’s cell phone and then punches the man in the head while holding the device.

According to SG, a YouTube video of PBJC, posted in mid-2010, shows young men outside the same McDaniel Street grocery store bragging about stealing necklaces, displaying gang signs, and referring to themselves as “goons” and “wild dogs.” One of the gang members refers to himself in the video as a “Tasmanian Devil.”

SG adds that while the video of the attack does not indicate when it was taken, Worldstarhiphop.com typically uploads content shortly after it being recorded.

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