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NY Parents Outraged Over Daughter's Spelling Words: 'Gun' and 'Rob

Image source: NY1

Two New York parents were outraged when they got a look at their 5-year-old daughter's spelling assignment -- specifically, the words "gun" and "rob."

Lawrence Gillman's daughter goes to a school in Queens, where her class was given a sheet of vocabulary words to help learn letters and sounds.

"I looked at it and I seen the word ‘gun’ on it. The first thing I thought was ‘oh no no no,’ I don't want you reading it, I don't want you spelling it. I don't even want you looking at the picture," Gillman told New York's NY1.

The sheet featured a cartoon image of a gun, as well as a robber holding one while carrying a bag of money.

"You're teaching them that guns are okay because you're putting it in their homework, you're teaching them that robbing is okay because you're putting it in their homework," Takiema Reynolds, the girl’s mother, told the station.

According to NY1, other parents with young children at the school were equally shocked by the words.

"I teach my kids not to play with guns, don't aim or do any of that. I don't think it is good at all," one parent said.

"If you are going to use that, you have to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it," another told the station.

New York Department of Education officials told NY1 the teacher brought the assignment with her from a previous school and has since apologized. The school's principal will monitor future assignments to avoid a similar problem.

Parents at a Georgia elementary school were furious last month over a slavery-themed math homework assignment. One of the teachers involved in distributing the assignment ultimately resigned.

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