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Barbara Walters Defends Rick Santorum's Views on Feminism, Joy Behar Calls Him a 'Coward


During the last week, GOP candidate Rick Santorum has been making the media rounds, defending his views on modern feminism. While many have come down hard on the former Pennsylvania senator, Santorum may have found support in the most unlikely of places: The View.

Or, at least one of the show's hosts, Barbara Walters.

During Monday's episode of the morning talk program, Walters said:

I very rarely take a political position because I work for ABC News, these are people I talk to, and so on. So there are things about Rick Santorum that I do not agree with. But I do feel that there was a time – and, you know, I’ve worked all my life. Not when I was four and five, but after that – that there was a time when feminists made the woman who stayed home and had children feel inferior. I think we are finally changing so that we realize younger ones, you can make a choice. So I don’t think that what he said is so terribly off the point. He probably will be surprised that I am on that side and I know [Joy] disagrees with me.

For her part, however, co-host Joy Behar was not as gracious. Mediaite brings us the video clip:


(h/t: Mediaite)

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