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Daily Caller's 'Media Matters' report gets personal


We posted an excerpt from The Daily Caller's expose (of sorts) on the liberal Media Matters for America. The full article contains some pretty serious charges. For example, according to an anonymous source in the story, Ben Smith, an editor at BuzzFeed and formerly a popular blogger at Politico, is in the tank for MMFA:

“Ben Smith [formerly of Politico, now at] will take stories and write what you want him to write,” explained the former employee, whose account was confirmed by other sources. Staffers at Media Matters “knew they could dump stuff to Ben Smith... so that’s where they sent it.”

Politico's Dylan Byers, who briefly worked under Smith late 2011, is coming to his former boss' defense. The sources in The DC's story "include -- at most -- one Media Matters staffer, one former Media Matters staffer, and a third 'with firsthand knowledge,' none of whom agreed to go on the record," Byers wrote on his blog today. "In publishing those quotes without providing evidence, the Daily Caller has put accusations on the public record regardless of whether or not they carry any weight."

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