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This Exists: Introducing the 2-Inch Muzzle-Loading Desk Cannon -- See It in Action!


Conquer all neighboring cubicles.

Meet the Pocket Artillery Mini-Cannon.

That's right, you can actually buy a 2-inch muzzle-loading desk cannon that uses black powder to fire a micro munition the length of a football field.

Now you can unleash your inner Napoleon anytime -- even while sitting at the office.

The process is simple to anyone who has watched "Master and Commander" or "Pirates of the Caribbean."

You start by inserting the fuse, and a half-pea sized amount of black powder into the stainless steel mini blaster. Then you pack the tiny munition into the barrel.

Keep in mind it may be considered a weapon in your state, is generally classified as an antique replica firearm, and it actually shoots BBs. This pint-sized artillery piece could definitely poke an eye out, and is clearly not for kids.

Once you light the real 2-mm fuse, it’ll launch .177-caliber BB’s up to 100 yards.

Watch a video of the pocket artillery piece rip through various household objects here, courtesy of Wired.com:

(h/t Wired, headline photo credit Matthew Scott)

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