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Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis: iPhones Capable of a 'Great Amount of Destruction


"...warn against the spiritual danger they conceal."

While almost all of the Western world seems to be glued to their smartphones, tablets, and other devices that can connect them to the Internet, a very conservative sect of Orthodox Jews may be looking to shun the devices.

Ynet News reports that rabbis in the more extreme faction Eda Haredit have published ads -- pashkevilim -- that condemn these devices, specifically Apple products, as leading to "a great amount of destruction" and having a poor effect on children's education:

An Eda Haredit source told Ynet's local portal, Mynet, that the new battle was launched due to the smartphones' growing popularity in the haredi sector.

"We have a problem," he admits. "The different iPhones are no longer just phones, but computers for all intents and purposes, and some of the people have become accustomed to buying them.

"Therefore, we decided to issue ads against their possession, call on the public to avoid using them and warn against the spiritual danger they conceal," he explained.

Ynet News reports that the group is already known for condemning portable media players, such as MP3 players, as "the devil's way of driving people to sin." The Orthodox Religious Court of Law banned stores from putting these devices on their shelves.

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