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Are We in the Midst of World War III? Beck Thinks So After His Eye-Opening Trip to Rome, Athens...


One of the main points that Glenn took from his weekend in Europe was the overriding sense that we are currently in the middle of World War III. This time, however, the war is being fought with financial weapons of mass destruction and the goal is to attain power, money and influence. Below is a clip from Monday's GBTV program in which Glenn explains the role that Middle East and oil will play in the conflict ahead. Hear why Glenn is frightened by this international battle:


In addition to visiting the Vatican to meet with high ranking Catholic officials, Glenn also met with several international leaders who very well could seek to organize a global Tea Party movement.

One of the more disturbing moments of Glenn's trip, however, came during a last minute visit to Athens, Greece. Some of the footage below is frankly quite scary and offered an ominous preview of what may be to come for the rest of the world as socialism spreads. A documentary will be coming soon to GBTV, but you can view some of the footage now to get a first-hand look:

Below Glenn explains more about his trip to Rome and talks about some of the off-putting images he witnessed in Greece:


For additional information on Glenn's insightful trip to Europe, The Blaze's Billy Hallowell has much more.

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