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This Is the 'World's Largest Rope Swing' Video That Got 5 Million Hits in a Week


“I felt like I almost blacked out for a second."

Brock Howell and his friends must have had quite the rope swing attached to a tree when they were little, because they sure graduated to swinging off bigger and better things.

In a YouTube video titled "World's Largest Rope Swing" posted a week ago that already has more than 5.5 million hits on YouTube, Howell is filmed flinging himself off Corona Arch in Moab, Utah.

Watch the jaw-dropping footage: reports that jumps were a collaboration between Howell, who took the first plunge, climber Chad Hamilton, who came up with the idea in the first place and also swung around himself, and filmmaker Devin Graham who know the footage would "explode" if they could film it right. And explode it did:

The swing was climber Chad Hamilton’s idea. “Everybody thought I was crazy, literally. They thought, 'That’s insane,'” he said.

His friend Brock Howell helped build it and made the first jump. “As soon as I jumped, every muscle in my body went huhhh!” he said. “I felt like I almost blacked out for a second."

Graham saw the YouTube video Howell and Hamilton had made of their first jump and thought, “That is going to be awesome if we can shoot it the right way.” He just wasn’t going to actually do the stunt.

“I went there already knowing I was not going to do this, and when I got there, it was still no question: 'I am definitely not gonna be jumping off this,'” he said. He added he was terrified and couldn’t believe people were even considering the jump.

According to, Graham makes his living finding potentially viral treasures such as this. He has been contacted by companies such as Mountain Dew thanks to some of his viral videos working as marketing tools in his favor.

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Watch the behind the scenes making of the viral video, which actually had several safety measures in place:

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