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See the Moment an NYC 8-Year-Old Was Shot in the Shoulder by a Stray Bullet


"I called out for my son. ... I was screaming hysterically."

Eight-year-old Armando Bigio was just perusing the chips section at a Bronx bodega on Tuesday when he began spilling blood onto the ground. Why? He had just been shot by a stray bullet.

"All of a sudden, we heard a shot," the boy's mother, Ely Flores, 31, told the New York Daily News. "I called out for my son. ... I was screaming hysterically."

Bigio, who calmly grabbed his shoulder and still managed to walk a little after the injury, yelled to let Flores know he was okay. In fact, he later apologized for getting blood on the floor.

"I heard screaming," Mahmood Abdulrub, the store manager, told the Daily News. "The mom cried for her son. I see this cute little boy walking over slowly - holding his left shoulder."

Abdulrub, who sat the boy down and tried to stop the bleeding, said "He was so polite."

"He looked up at me with his big googly eyes and said, 'Thank you, sir.'"

"He kept telling me he had to spit up blood," Abdulrub explained. "He was worried about spitting blood on my floor. I kept telling him not to worry about it. ... It was crazy. This little boy had just been shot and he still remembered his manners."

The entire incident was caught on a security camera. It shows Bigio and his mother walking into the store, the young boy wandering over to the chips section and then the moment the bullet hit him.

You can watch it unfold below:

No information was available on the shooter. Bigio is currently being treated for a punctured lung, a fractured rib and an injured spinal cord, his mother told the Daily News.

(H/T: Gawker)

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