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Ted Nugent Rocks Out on Glenn Beck Program: 'We Came to This New Land in Defiance of Tyranny

Ted Nugent Rocks Out on Glenn Beck Program: 'We Came to This New Land in Defiance of Tyranny

Encouraging Americans to use the "defiance and logic" born into us all, veteran rocker Ted Nugent appeared on the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday evening to discuss ideas of the Founding Fathers -- freedom, liberty and eternal optimism.

To see Nugent  warming up for the GBTV program click here.

The never-shy Nugent had strong words on America's decline and particularly, for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who he accused of implementing the policies of King George. "Nug" also likened New York to an "anti-American zone" due to its Sullivan Law regarding American's Second Amendement rights. The controversial gun control law requires New Yorkers to carry a license to possess firearms small enough to be concealed. Failure to comply with the license is a misdemeanor and carrying the gun is deemed a felony.

"I see people being run through the mill or ending up in jail." Nugent told Glenn, clarifying how people are "being demonized" simply for embracing their Second Amendment rights. The word "bear," he explained, means you are "bearing" arms, not stowing them at the gun club miles away.

Despite his belief that Americans' freedoms are increasingly threatened, Nugent told Glenn that he has "eternal glowing optimism that Americans are waking up."

Glenn agreed, and warned, "if we become indifferent we lose."

"We came to this new land in defiance of tyranny... to have the right to speak your own mind," Nugent said. "I celebrate that."

Watch the clip below, as Nugent expresses his reverence for the Constitution. His performance of The Great White Buffalo follows:

Below, listen to Nugent rock out with Glenn:


For reference, below are the lyrics to Great White Buffalo:

Well, listen everybody, 

to what I got to say. 

There's hope for tomorrow, 

Ooh,we're workin' on today. 

Well,it happened long time ago, 

in the new magic land. 

The Indian and the buffalo, 

they existed hand in hand.... 

The Indian needed food, 

he needed skins for a roof. 

But he only took what they needed,baby. 

Millions of buffalo were the proof. 

Yeah,its all right. 

But then came the white man, 

with his thick and empty head. 

He couldn't see past the billfold, 

he wanted all the buffalo dead. 

It was sad...It was sad. 

Oh yeah...yes indeed. 

Oh yes, 

it happened a long time ago,baby. 

In the new magic land. 

See,the Indian and the buffalo, 

they existed hand in hand. 

The Indians,they needed some food, 

and some skins for a roof. 

They only took what they needed,baby. 

millions of buffalo were the proof,yeah. 

But then came the white dogs, 

with their thick and empty heads. 

They couldn't see past the billfold. 

they wanted all the buffalo dead. 

Everything was SO sad. 

When I looked above the canyon wall, 

some strong eyes did I see. 

I think its somebody comin' around 

to save my ass,baby. 

I think...I think he's comin' around 

to save you and me. 


I said, above the canyon wall... 

strong eyes did glow. 

It was the leader of the land,baby. 



LOOK OUT!!!! LOOK OUT!!!!!!! 

Well, he got the battered herd. 

He led em cross the land. 

With the Great White Buffalo, 

they gonna make a final stand. 

The Great White Buffalo, 

comin' around to make a final stand. 

Well,look out here he comes. 

The great white buffalo,baby. 

The Great White Buffalo.... 

Look out,here he comes. 

He's doin' all right. 

Makin' everything all right. 

Yeah, yeah,yeah....


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