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Michele Bachmann Calls Piers Morgan 'Rude' to His Face


“I’m not here as anybody’s judge.”

In a preview for an interview slated to air this Monday at 9:00 p.m. ET, CNN's Piers Morgan slammed guest Michele Bachmann for being "judgmental." The former GOP presidential candidate didn't take the dig lying down, however, and blasted back by calling the media personality "rude."

“Me?! Hardly! Hardly! Hardly!” Bachmann said in response to Morgan's critique. “Well that’s rude! That’s absolutely rude!”

Morgan, who found Bachmann's assertion incredible, defended himself: “I’m not being rude, but you've been very, very outspoken."

“I believe in traditional values,” the Congresswoman argued. “I believe in marriage between a man and a woman and I don’t think that’s bigoted.”

After reading one of the Congresswoman's quotes from 2004 in which she said that being gay “leads to the personal enslavement of individuals," Morgan asked if the statement wasn't "fairly judgmental."

“I’m not here as anybody’s judge,” Bachmann insisted.

The preview is provided below, courtesy of CNN:


(h/t: Fox Nation)

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