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Bachmann confuses 'judgmental' with 'bigoted' in Piers Morgan interview


On the front page, we posted a clip from last night's Piers Morgan interview with Michele Bachmann. In it, Morgan asked the former presidential candidate about her thoughts on actor Kirk Cameron, who had recently told Morgan that he believed homosexuality to be "unnatural" and "detrimental."

Bachmann told Morgan, simply, "I am not here as anybody's judge." Morgan responded, telling Bachmann that she had been "pretty judgmental in the past." Bachmann said she hadn't but then proceeded to make the judgment that "traditional values" and traditional marriage "between a man and a woman" are best.

"I don't think that's bigoted," she said. And it's not but it is judgmental.

Here's the difference (from Dictionary.com):

judg·men·tal [juhj-men-tal] -- adjective -- involving the use or exercise of judgment or tending to make moral judgments.

big·ot·ed [big-uh-tid] -- adjective -- utterly intolerant of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.

Bachmann said it was "absolutely rude" for Morgan to call her judgmental. It wasn't, because she is. It's why a lot of people like her. Rude would have been to call her prejudice.

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