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Hitler As A Fashion Statement? In Thailand, Yes


"It's not that I like Hitler. But he looks funny and the shirts are very popular with young people."

Here's more proof that it's not just American schools that are remiss in teaching history.

Kids in Thailand are making Adolf Hitler into a fashion statement.

Yes, that is a Teletubbie Hitler, Panda Hitler and even a Ronald McDonald with the Hitler treatment. "McHitler?" Where are the Mickey D's trademark lawyers?

A local vendor who sells a large variety of Hitler merchandise told the UK Sun:

"It's not that I like Hitler. But he looks funny and the shirts are very popular with young people."

Offended visitors make their displeasure known to shopkeepers, but that has not stopped the boom of Hitler merchandise. Sales seem to be increasing along with the product lines.

This is not new. CNNGO reported that the youth of Thailand showed their appreciation for last fall:

Last September in the northern city of Chiang Mai, a group of high school students showed up for sport day in homemade Nazi uniforms, complete with swastika armbands and toy guns. Leading them was a teenage girl dressed in a faux SS uniform with a fake Hitler mustache.

This happened at the Sacred Heart School on something called "Fancy Dress Sport Day."

One local teacher in Bangkok believes that the trend is harmless, telling CNN:

“It’s a lack of exposure to history,” notes Harry Soicher, a Romanian who teaches at a Bangkok high school. “If you don’t live in Thailand, you may find it hard to believe they really mean no harm.”

Mr. Soicher seems to be defending the actions of the kids, or at least minimizing their actions by explaining they have a "lack of exposure to history."

One could argue that schools have a responsibility to teach history. And, since this is a recurring issue, the schools are dropping the ball by not teaching kids about Hitler and what the Nazis were all about.  Yes, it is a recurring issue.

Over four years ago, the Associated Press reported on the youth in Thailand and their fascination / appreciation for Hitler.

BANGKOK, Thailand: A Thai school has apologized to an international Jewish human rights organization for its sponsorship of a celebration that involved a Nazi-themed parade, according to an announcement received Wednesday.

From October 2007 - Nazi-themed celebration in Thailand

Following an international uproar, the teacher responsible for the "celebration" was fired and the school claimed to be adding lectures and programs to educate students about the Holocaust.

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