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Congressmen hate how hard it has become to be creepy


A Politico piece today says the guys passing laws on Capitol Hill are so over it. Their jobs, that is.

Perks have been diminished by ethics rules, there haven't been any pay raises and plus, the gridlock. Also, Twitter and Facebook have made it hard for them to hide out and do private things.

Now, in the era of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, the spotlight never goes dark.

In a recent private conversation with a POLITICO reporter, a lawmaker expressed surprise that anyone could simply Tweet his location, wherever he is in the world. The lawmaker began playing out potentially embarrassing scenarios in which he could be identified.

Former New York Rep. Tom Reynolds, who served as chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee and is now a lobbyist at Nixon Peabody, said he warns new lawmakers that the constant media presence and new technology have obliterated any privacy.

“The fishbowl today means that you are captured on film or you’re captured on digital of a cellphone or a BlackBerry that can be on YouTube in minutes,” he said.

But as everyone knows, it's not social media giving lawmakers a hard time. It's lawmakers using social media giving everyone else a hard time.




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