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Day at Brazilian Beach Turns Into Amazing Dolphin Rescue Mission


It's been quite a year for beaching of dolphins thus far with Cape Code rescuers working for nearly a month to save the stranded aquatic mammals washing up on its Massachusetts' shore and last month several carcasses littered a long stretch of beach in Peru.

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The latest dolphin stranding comes from Brazil where local beachgoers help save them, dragging the pod back into deeper water. Watch this footage:

Clip of the rescue posted on YouTube has gone viral with more than half a million hits. The Telegraph reports that the dolphins were stranding themselves on a beach 100 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the full footage, which starts with what looks like a normal day at the beach and turns into a rescue mission (Note: If you look closely, you can see the pod coming in at a distance):

While it is unclear what caused these dolphins drive themselves into shallow water, Katie Moore for the International Fund for Animal Welfare spoke last month about the Cape Cod dolphin strandings saying that due to their social nature, when one or a couple dolphins swim to shore for "whatever reason" many more may follow.

Reports state that about 30 dolphins were brought back into the water during the rescue in Brazil.

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