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Beck Talks GOP Race With O'Reilly: 'It's Time That It Ends

Fox News

It's time for the GOP presidential race to come to a close, Glenn Beck told Fox News' Bill O'Reilly

"I think it's time that it ends," Beck said during an interview broadcast Friday on "The O'Reilly Factor." "I'm a supporter of Rick Santorum but, you know, I think we're at the end here, or very near the end. If you do the math, it's darn near mathematically impossible here -- unless we go all the way down to the wire -- for anybody but Romney to take it. We have got to come together and start to put together a strategy not only for the White House but also for the Senate and for the House.

O'Reilly, seeming surprised by Beck's pro-Republican tone, asked when he became such a "party guy."

"I couldn't care less about the Republicans, I do care that Barack Obama is not the president of the United States," Beck said. Reaching for an abacus off screen, he held it up and joked: "It could be this, Bill, it could be right here. It could be the abacus. Vote abacus party!"

Both questioned what more voters really need to hear from the candidates before making up their minds. On the topic of candidates bowing out, O'Reilly noted that Texas Rep. Ron Paul "doesn't have anything else to do so why would he drop out?"

Of what Paul would do in office, O'Reilly said, "he's said it 55 times, how many more times do we need to hear it?"

"It doesn't hurt to say the truth!" Beck said, laughing.

"He wants to legalize everything, he wants to have gold and whatever he wants," O'Reilly dismissed. "How many more times do we have to hear that Beck?"

"I think when it comes to the Fed and the financial system you can't say it enough," Beck replied.

Concluding on the economy and the importance of character, Beck reiterated his belief that there is a deep, global financial crash coming, and "we have to know that the person that is coming into office will say the same things to our face that he'll say as he turns around."

Watch the full segment below, via Mediaite:

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