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Occupy Colorado Springs Protester Calls U.S. Soldiers 'Trash'...Says PTSD Is a 'Designer Mental Illness'


A video has surfaced of a man -- presumably an Occupy Colorado Springs protester -- calling U.S Soldiers "trash." The YouTube post claims the video was taken on March 9, at Acacia Park. According to Red White and Blue News, the man's name is “Anthony Logan Abdo,” but uses the alias “Tony Logan” when he writes for the left-wing blog Not My Tribe. RWB, interestingly, posits that Abdo may in fact be a counselor for soldiers suffering from PTSD.

However, in a post titled Who in the World Really Suffers From PTSD?, Abdo-Logan mocks the affliction as a "designer mental illness" and says that civilians "are encouraged to help U.S. soldiers cry crocodile tears about their supposed sufferings."

Not the warmest, nor most patriotic-sounding American, it seems. An excerpt reads:

PTSD has become the designer ‘mental illness’ for the Pentagon and Washington elites who design the multitude of US wars abroad in foreign lands. As a result, the corporate US media works full time to convince the American public that only US soldiers as agents carrying out the US generals plans could ever have such a reaction to war time trauma, and not the actual victims of US government foreign policy/ militarism who are never ever mentioned as suffering any ill effects at all.

We all civilians are then encouraged to help the US soldiers cry crocodile tears about their supposed sufferings at the hands of just whom? Is it at the hands of people who defend their own countries from US military occupation? Funny how that question is never ever asked.

RWB, in exploring the possibility that Abdo works with soldiers, infers that Abdo has himself claimed that he works with soldiers suffering from the disorder:

I don’t know if Anthony Abdo really works as a counselor to soldiers with PTSD like he says, but if he does, his employers need to know what he does in his off time and the feelings he has for the people he is supposed to help.  A man that has so much resentment towards our heroes should not be counseling the most vulnerable of them.

But a rudimentary search on the Not My Tribe site reveals "Tony Logan's" bio, in which he describes himself as a high school drop out, a communist, an atheist and just your "typical American." He lists a string of past employment but does not, in his bio, claim to be a counselor of any kind. It reads:

I am a high school dropout, and have done every sorry job imaginable since I was 16. That includes cab driver, nurse’s aide, production machinist, garment worker, tamale maker, transporter of undocumented workers, drug pusher, sheetrocker, luggage factory worker, groundskeeper, vampire, and longshoreman. After a series of dead end relationships, I have since become more stable as a family man during my 2 marriages. At times, I drink too much. In short, I am a typical American.

I am also an atheist and communist, with anarchist leanings. I believe that America needs both a legal and illegal Left. Every other country has both, so why not here? The corporations have two parties, so why not all the rest of us?

Unfortunately I have a sleep disorder, so I write a lot of the time all grogged out. Even when I’m not drinking. Still, I hope to give any readers the courtesy and respect they merit. And food for thought.

Counselor or not, Abdo's latest performance can be viewed below:


(h/t: WeaselZippers)

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