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Chuck Schumer Attacks Jan Brewer via Twitter for Refusing to Attend Immigration Hearing


"@GovBrewer leaving others to defend law she signed."

Arizona's immigration law has famously earned the ire of many Democrats, making Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer a political lightning rod for immigration issues. And Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) seems to want to get a crack at nailing down Brewer. To that end, he's called a Senate hearing on the law and is now aggressively trying to get Brewer to show up.

The problem is that Brewer is having none of it. Instead, she's sending the legislator who wrote the law to Congress to testify about the need for it. To most people, this would seem to be an acceptable substitute. After all, there's no immediately obvious reason why the person who enforces a law should be a better authority on the need for it than the person who authored it in the first place.

But not for Schumer, who pounced on Gov. Brewer for the substitution via Twitter today:

The Hill adds context:

“Other Arizona officials responsible for this law are willing to come and defend it, but not Gov. Brewer," Schumer said in a statement on Tuesday. "The governor is the one who signed this bill into law; she shouldn't leave the defense of it to others.”

Brewer's spokesman said last month that the governor would turn down the invitation to testify at the hearing because the timing of the hearing, scheduled for April 24 — the day before the Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in defense of the law — gave it “every mark of a publicity stunt.”[...]

“Gov. Brewer has long said border security is one of the nation’s most pressing issues, so it is odd that she is unwilling to even come to Congress to defend her views," Schumer responded to Brewer at the time. "It makes you wonder whether there is genuine interest in finding real solutions to our broken immigration system. We hope the governor will reconsider."


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