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Runaway Slave' Documentarian: Liberals Using Same Tactics as Former Slaveowners on Black Conservatives


"They have to make a public example of you."

Glenn Beck welcomed Reverend C.L. Bryant and Deneen Borelli, the documentarians behind the controversial new documentary about black conservatism, "Runaway Slave," to his show tonight. The discussion hinged mostly on the controversy surrounding the documentary, and the hypocrisy on the part of liberal organizations like the NAACP, who refused to defend black conservatives like Bryant and Borelli.

"I am the great-grandson of former slaves. Now, they were trapped in a system. Many of them had the courage to run away from that and gain freedom," said Bryant. "They would come back to the plantation and tell those who were still enslaved, 'you can be free.' But what would happen then is the same thing that's happening now with Al Sharpton, as Deneen mentioned, and Jesse Jackson, once they realized that you're there telling them something different from what the system is dictating, then they have to make a public example of you. And that's what they try to do with Deneen and I by publicly calling us out and calling us names.

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For more information on Runaway Slave, click here.

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