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F**king Chickenhawk': Anti-Romney Heckler or Imaginative Street Theater?


"End the wars Romney. Quit killing innocent people."

At a campaign stop in Kirkwood, Missouri this week, Mitt Romney got an earful of obscenities from a particularly vitriolic heckler -- as did the 7-month-old that Romney was holding at the time.

Gateway Pundit caught the video (ironically enough, uploaded by the heckler himself), which can be viewed below (though not in the proximity of children - there's a content warning for a lot of f-bombs):

Some highlights of the video include the unseen cameraman yelling, "End the wars Romney. Quit killing innocent people. You f**king chickenhawk!… Get your f**king hands off me! Shut the f**k up!” He also refused to tone down his language when told there were children present. And some of this was directed at the Secret Service agents protecting Romney.

Gateway Pundit also received photos from Romney supporters allegedly showing the man responsible, and has asked for help identifying him. That made us curious, so we started digging and may have just found out more about the heckler. And it's a little creepy.

The account that was used to post the video is nicknamed "johnyshocker," and as Gateway Pundit notes, the Romney confrontation is the only video on it. However, another account, listed under the name "johnnyshocker" yields  multiple videos, some of which contain someone who looks a little like the heckler, and whose voice also sounds the part. Meet Johnny Shocker:

For comparison, here's the clearest photo Gateway Pundit was able to snag:

There is some resemblance there (although it's not a slam dunk), and the suspiciously similar spelling of the two account names lends some credence to the theory. As to the pronounced gap in "Johnny Shocker's" teeth, other photos reveal them to be merely covered in black paint, rather than actually missing. However, one can't be sure without a definite identification.

For those who are curious, though, here's the original "Johnny Shocker's" online biography, as well:

Johnny Shocker was the host of a little known internet show called "Midnight Theater" for around a year and a half. Starting out as a one man project broadcasting from a basement, The show evolved into a two man project broadcasting from a bigger basement. After 63 episodes producers decided that the great Johnny Shocker and Midnight Theater had run it's toll and decided to shelve all future productions. Johnny now retired from the public eye still remains very active behind the camera producing lots of stupid shit for all to see on his Youtube channel.

We're not going to post (or link) any of his videos, as they are quite obscene. But if you search YouTube you should be able to find them.

So what do you think? Are they the same person? Weigh in below.

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