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Former Islamic Terrorist Discusses Jihad & His Dramatic Conversion to Christianity


"...he came to America with the goal of helping to destroy the country from within."

This week, CBN's Erick Stakelbeck sat down with former Islamic terrorist Kamal Saleem to discuss his troubled past and his conversion to Christianity.

Saleem, who formerly embraced jihad, was raised in Lebanon and worked with terror leaders before renouncing his activities and turning away from a life of violence. Among those he collaborated with: the Muslim Brotherhood, Saddam Hussein, and Yasser Arafat.

Stakelbeck has more about Saleem's intriguing story:

As a young man, he came to America with the goal of helping to destroy the country from within. Instead, he ended up becoming a Christian and leaving his old life behind, a journey he describes in his powerful book, "The Blood of Lambs."

Today, Saleem devotes his life to warning about the Islamic jihadist threat and sharing his testimony of faith in Christ.

In a sit-down interview, Saleem discussed radical Islam and the horrific ideals he was indoctrinated to embrace by his own parents. When he was seven, he says he "became intimate" with the Muslim Brotherhood. Additionally, Saleem shared his conversion story and the events that led to his transition from Islam to Christianity.

Saleem says he remembers the Lord speaking directly to him as he first recognized the error of his ways.

"You are my warrior, you are not their warrior," he remembers hearing God tell him.

"My Lord, my Lord I will live and die for you," he responded to the Lord.

But God, he says, told him that dying for him was unnecessary.

Watch Saleem recap his fascinating story, below:

(H/T: CBN)

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