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Limbaugh: Unemployment Rate Likely 'Phony


"This is a lie!"

On his show today, Rush Limbaugh hammered the Obama administration for claiming its budget would decrease deficits by $3.2 trillion, following CBO estimates that it would increase them by $3.5 trillion. "This is a lie," Rush thundered, before proceeding to push the GOP to take a closer look at the President's numbers in general.

"I mean, if they're lying to us dramatically about the cost of health care, and if they are lying to us dramatically about budget deficits coming down, isn't it likely that they are lying to us about their unemployment numbers every week?" Rush asked. "If those numbers are as phony as the original CBO Obamacare reports on cost and coverage -- if the unemployment numbers are as phony as the promises of what the stimulus bill would do for jobs, if the unemployment numbers are as phony as recent poll numbers showing Obama with a 50% approval number, if the unemployment numbers are as phony as Obama's budget deficit numbers are -- then the unemployment numbers have to be a lot worse."

The clip from Rush's show is below:

In the same segment, Limbaugh also savaged the Obama administration for being blindsided by low poll numbers after claiming they were recovering in the polls. Here's the quote:

The first two days of the week we had the polling data from the New York Times and the Washington Post, polls which were devastating to the regime, devastating to Obama.  The New York Times poll has his approval at 41%, an all-time low in that poll.  These polls were so bad that pollsters and Democrats and media people are now insulting the respondents by calling them "stupid" and questioning themselves as to whether or not their own polls are broken.  But these polls had a devastating impact on the White House, because last week was supposed to produce Obama in the upper fifties.

If nothing else, this segment shows that Rush is embracing his supposed role as "de facto boss" of the GOP and hardly letting himself be discouraged by the arguably fake campaign to pull his advertisers.

HT/ The Daily Rushbo

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