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Occupy George Washington: Protester Delivers Half-Naked Rant Atop President's Statue

Ranting: Words of Immense Wisdom we're sure.

An Occupy Wall Street protester attracted large crowds and armed police Monday as he perched atop a statue of Americas first President.  The tense situation took place at Union Square Park in New York City after 50 protesters wandered into the park, set up tents and made a scene.

One member of the group scaled the prominent statue, took off most of his clothes, and ranted and raved at Police for half an hour.  The protester refused police demands to come down while wandering atop the President's horse and placing miscellaneous items upon Washington's body.  Police eventually talked him down and the half-naked man was taken into custody. No one was hurt in the event. (Note: This is raw video with no sound.)


View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

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