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Road to Repeal' Obamacare Rally Hits DC


The "Road to Repeal" rally took place in Washington D.C. Saturday, despite the rain, featuring speakers like Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Ken Cucinelli, Steve Bannon, Jim Hoft, Tom Price and Louie Gohmert. A website for the event described the gathering:

"Government run health care is the best example of everything wrong with the federal government.

It is financially reckless. No one knows what it will ultimately cost - or where the money will come from.

Additionally, ObamaCare will grow the federal government into every aspect of our lives. It will grow government into a massive bloated bureaucracy making health care decisions that directly affect you. In fact, the federal government must hire more than 17,000 IRS agents to enforce the law."

The Supreme Court is set to begin considering the constitutionality of the legislation come Monday.

When Herman Cain spoke, he said that if "Obamacare" had already been passed when he was diagnosed with stage four cancer, he wouldn't be alive today. 

“Imagine if a bureaucrat got a report on their desk trying to decide if I should be approved [for] my surgery, my chemotherapy … if they were to say, OK, he’s got a 30 percent chance of survival, I don't think the government would want to pay for his surgery and his chemotherapy...That’s what Obamacare would do [to] you and me, and that’s why we’ve got to rip it up and repeal it.”  He continued by saying that we must "stay inspired."

Dean McDonald, a business owner from Atlanta, said "I offer health care to my employees...If this takes effect, that’s done. It’ll get too expensive, with too many mandates. Free enterprise needs to take over, not the government.”

Roger Hardwicke, an engineer from Maryland, said that it is not about Republicans and Democrats.  "It's [about] those that believe in limited government according to the Constitution and those who want to expand the government beyond what the constitution allows."

Sonnie Johnson, seen in Fire from the Heartland and The Undefeated, gave a dynamite speech at the event:

As did Michele Bachmann:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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