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Bring Your Kids!': Atheist Performer Drops 75+ F-Bombs On Stage at 'Reason Rally' (WARNING: EXPLICIT VIDEO)

Family Friendly? Performer Tim Minchin

The Reason Rally, held in the shadow of the Washington Monument this weekend, has been heralded as historic for many reasons. But the "largest gathering of the secular movement in world history" might have just hit the record books again: for dropping the most f-bombs through loudspeakers on the National Mall.

This historic achievement was reached through the joint efforts of a couple speakers headlining the Rally however, the golden participation award certainly goes to songwriter Tim Minchin.

Minchin was a paid performer who spoke and sang onstage for more than 20 minutes.  The Australian entertainer, not exactly known for his civility, dropped more that 75 f-bombs in that interval. Minchin's performance was in the middle of the National Mall and in front of some estimated 10,000 people.

Performing in front of The Washington Monument and flanked by the Smithsonian Museum of American History, the Smithsonian Castle and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Minchin's near-80 f-bombs echoed through to countless children and families simply touring the nation's capital on a Saturday afternoon.

Here are the historic highlights of Minchin's performance in a Blaze Exclusive video.  

Editor's note: Observe the multiple children in the audience.

CONTENT WARNING -- Extremely vulgar language

The major offense came from Minchin’s performance of the ‘Pope Song’ which includes lyrics about Catholics:

So f--k the motherf--ker ,

And f--k you, motherf--ker

If you're still a motherf--king papist.

And includes lyrics about the pope:

As that motherf--king, power-hungry

Self-aggrandized bigot

In the stupid f--king hat.

The performance was met with crowd exuberance and participation. Minchin received a standing ovation after the set.

The Reason Rally was advertised as "Family Friendly" and "Inclusive." On the front page of the rally website today there is still an invitation to "Bring Your Kids!"

The FAQ page of the rally's website however, disallows the attendees from "Being Rude" -- even if you are talking to religious protesters.

It's worth noting Minchin has second billing on the Reason Website VIP section, just under leading atheist author Richard Dawkins:

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