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Pat Robertson Says a Man's Struggle With Homosexual 'Obsession' May Be 'Related to Demonic Possession


"repentance and deliverance from the homosexual lifestyle"

Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson isn't afraid to make his often-controversial feelings about both political and social issues known. On Monday, Robertson's show, "The 700 Club," aired a segment about "Shawn," a man who had extramarital affairs with men. During the broadcast, the media personality said he thinks Shawn's struggle with homosexuality "is somehow related to demonic possession."

Here's how Right Wing Watch sums up Robertson's coverage of the story:

Today the 700 Club featured a segment on a man who tried to “change” his sexuality by marrying a woman, but later ended up having extramarital affairs with men. The couple reconciled after his “repentance and deliverance from the homosexual lifestyle” and decided to stay together...

"The world today says 'Okay, Shawn, so you are gay, you want to have affairs with men -- that's cool. You have an absolute right to do that, why not?'," Robertson said. "That's not the right attitude. The attitude is that this is sin. It's wrong. And [this man] realized it was wrong but couldn't control it."

The religious leader went on to take aim at Shawn's behaviors.

"But that type of conduct is wrong and it's time in society we say certain things are wrong. However you look at it ... he is obsessed. He has a compulsion," Robertson continued. "I would think it is somehow related to demonic possession."

Watch Robertson's commentary, below:

Watch the entire episode (Robertson's words about demonic possession are around 55:00):

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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