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Did James Carville Just Reveal the Democratic Strategy If Obamacare Is Overturned?


"Go see Scalia when you want health care."

Are the Democrats expecting to lose the battle over healthcare? Judging from the comments made by several prominent Dems, the party is prepping for what to do after the high court shoots down the individual mandate.

Two days ago, former DNC Chair Howard Dean told CBS Early Morning that he expected the individual mandate to be overturned.

Yesterday, CNN's Legal Analyst Jeffry Toobin called the proceedings "a train wreck" and predicted that the individual mandate will "likely be struck down." If true, how will the Democrats then spin the defeat to their benefit? Enter James Carville.

Last night on CNN, the Democratic consultant made a curious statement about what happens if the Supreme Court rules against the administration. He appears to already be ratcheting up the anti-Republican and anti-Supreme Court rhetoric in preparation, even tying a possible Obamacare defeat to the Bush-Gore election of 2000.


Consider Mr. Carville's words regarding a potential defeat in the Supreme Court (after saying a defeat would be the "best thing" for Democrats because of rising health care costs):

"They overturned an election. And just as a professional Democrat, there's nothing better for me than they overturn this thing 5-4. And then the Republican Party will own this health care system for the foreseeable future. ... Go see Scalia when you want health care."

In other words: the Supreme Court gave the country Bush, and now it's going to take away your health care.

"This is not spin," he reassured.



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