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Do You Seen Anybody Else At This Table Drooling?': Two Teachers Caught Taunting Ten-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy


"Keep your mouth closed and don't drool on my paper."

Chalk this up as another strike against public education. Apparently two teachers in Alabama missed the part of employee sensitivity training that tells you not to mock your pupils...especially when those pupils are suffering from cerebral palsy.

Meet Jose Salinas, a 10-year-old disabled child who apparently had to suffer through repeated taunting and mockery from two of his teachers:

Reportedly, Salinas was repeatedly and viciously mocked for drooling, as well as for having difficulty speaking, by Alabama-area schoolteachers Drew Faircloth and Alicia Brown. The scandal was discovered when little Jose's mother, Melisha Salinas, attached a recording device to Jose's wheelchair, which caught some of the vicious remarks on tape for all to hear.

"You drooled on the paper, that's disgusting," Faircloth says in one recording. Brown, meanwhile, says "Keep your mouth closed and don't drool on my paper. I do not want to touch your drool. Do you understand that? Obviously, you don't."

When Salinas tries to respond to the taunts in one exchange, Brown callously fires back, "That's not an answer. That's not even a word."

Both Brown and Faircloth were initially placed on administrative leave, but allowed to return soon after the incident, prompting Melisha Salinas to leak the recorded tapes to the press. Now the full school board will decide what to do with the offending employees on April 9. You can listen to one of the exchanges below:

H/t: The Daily Mail

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