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Man Dies at Occupy Tallahassee: Reports Suggest He Wasn't Found for Days


"It's natural.  It's still safe here."

The police are investigating the death of a man discovered Thursday night at the Occupy Tallahassee camp, according to Officer David Northway of the Tallahassee Police Department.

Though there is no indication of foul play at the current time, it reportedly took several days "or longer" for fellow Occupiers to discover the man's body.  “When somebody goes to their tent and goes to sleep, you leave them alone..Nobody‘s really prying into anybody else’s business out here, so it’s understandable,” one Tallahassee occupier said. He was allegedly found after occupiers noticed that he had been absent from group activities for several days, and went to check on him.

The movement's local spokesman, Larry Hendricks, declared, "Unless they find out otherwise, I think it was a natural occurrence."  Apparently the now-deceased man had revealed he was a diabetic when signing the Occupy Tallahassee "covenant" several weeks prior, though it remains unclear whether this is related to the cause of death.

"It's natural.  It's still safe here," another occupier at the camp maintained.

Death, rape, and robbery have all been reported before at Occupy camps.  It will be interesting to see if it puts a damper on the movement's "spring offensive," as laid out by Frances Fox Piven and Steven Lerner.

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